Cyclist Dean Nicholson is Exploring the World with His Cat Nala

Exploring the world with nothing but your bike and backpack is an adventure on its own, but Dean Nicholson managed to take it to a whole new level. He’s traveling the globe with his cat Nala on his back, and they’re the most adorable duo you’ll see all day.

Dean and Nala are now the stars of the hit Instagram page @1bike1world, and their journey is quite extraordinary. The Scottish adventurer was on a quest to cycle the world when he stumbled upon an adorable stray cat near the Bosnia-Montenegro border and decided to adopt her and explore the world by her side.

“It was clear she had lioness traits, with her feisty and loving personality and so it was Nala was to be her name… From then on it was set, Nala was to be my new travel companion, riding upfront with the world ahead of her,” explained Nicholson on his official website.

After The Dodo shared their story with the world, Dean and Nala became an Instagram sensation and attracted over 900,000 followers to their page. Nicholson even detailed their incredible journey in the book titled Nala’s World.