Dad of Four Girls Illustrates What It’s Like Living With Them

Sometimes you don’t have to be an amazing artist to get your point across in comics as the content should be the star of the show. James Breakwell, a dad to four girls proves this to be true in his Unbelievably Bad Webcomics which use stick figures inspired by the ones seen on public restrooms to represent his family.

His lack of any sort of artistic talent is undeniable, but his comics are certainly relatable to any dad living with a ton of girls. Breakwell documents his family’s adventures and what it’s like to live with four daughters and his wife.

So, what do his daughters think about his comics? Well, to begin with, they know which figure represents them and they aren’t impressed. His wife even checks his social media feeds to see “what new shame I’ve brought on our family.”

“Everybody’s kids are weird and my comics celebrate that,” Breakwell told Bored Panda, continuing that “anyone who says they have normal children is lying.”

The father admitted to Bored Panda that most of his time is used coming up with jokes, not the drawing of the comics and that he’s always attuned to what’s going on around him when he’s drawing his comics.

In addition to the poorly drawn comics, Breakwell has released a new children’s book titled Prance Like No One’s Watching, A Guided Journal for Exploding Unicorns, which aims to teach kids to find inspiration for creating artistic content. Which is pretty much exactly what he does.