Designer Danielle Baskin Makes Personalized Face Masks

Danielle Baskin is a designer and the person behind this fun and creative project. She recently launched Maskalike—a company that makes custom face masks using the photos of people who order them. The masks are a necessity right now, and Baskin’s idea came from the inability to be recognized by the facial recognition software on tech devices.

She makes the masks using machine-washable cotton so they’re more than just a fashionable detail. In fact, they are even more practical than regular masks because you don’t have to remove them every time you want to unlock your phone outside. We all know that we shouldn’t touch the mask once it’s on our face!

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Wearing my second face. #maskalike #selfiemask

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Do you think this is a great idea or a weird product? We definitely believe it has potential, especially if wearing face masks often becomes our new reality in the long-term.