Digital Artist Imagines Adorable Tiny Versions of Animals

Tiger, with its strong claws and sharp teeth, is definitely a scary animal that we wouldn’t like to meet face to face. But a tiny tiger that can sit in the palm of our hand? That would be so adorable, which is why we are loving digital artist Jyo John Mulloor’s new series Macro World.

In Macro World, Mulloor imagines animals as if they were not bigger than plush keychains. These tiny animals have all the features of their bigger counterparts but just scaled down. If they were real, they could easily fit on your palm and could be pet by using just one finger. How awesome is that?

Mulloor came up with tiny versions of all sorts of domestic and wild animals, including elephants, tigers, giraffes, pandas, zebras, penguins, and sheep. These works proved to be quite popular among social media users, with the original post attracting more than a million likes on Instagram.

According to the artist, he used various software to create Macro World artworks, including Photoshop, while also relying on the assistance of artificial intelligence through the AI program Midjourney. Scroll down to check out a few more of Mulloor’s cute tiny animals.