Domino’s New Zealand Employs Lost T-Rex Figurine for One Night

The staff at Domino’s New Zealand staff recently had an unusual situation that ended up being the talk of the internet. It was just a regular day at work when they received a call from one of their customers. The customer had a family meal at Domino’s earlier that day and suspected that their child’s favorite T-Rex figurine, named Bitey was left behind. The staff quickly found the toy, but what followed next was amazing.

The staff told the customer that Bitey was safe and well and that they could come to pick it up anytime they liked. But in the meantime, they decided that T-Rex had to earn its keep, so they employed him for the night.

Domino’s New Zealand shared this awesome story in a viral post on their Facebook page while attaching a few photos that show Bitey on the job. The T-Rex, who even received his own name tag, was working the cash register, answering the phones, washing the dishes, and even getting a shot at making pizza.

The next morning, Bitey’s family came to pick him up and take him home. We assume that they celebrated the reunion with a pizza, maybe even the one that Bitey helped make.