This Twitter Page is Collecting the Most Hilarious Letterboxd Reviews

Every true cinephile knows where you should go to find the best movie reviews online—and it’s not IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. Letterboxd is the holy grail of the most hilarious movie reviews on the internet and one Twitter page is now collecting them all in one place.

With 240,000 followers and counting, @letterboxdauras is one of the internet’s most popular pages inspired by the reviews from this movie-based social networking website. It’s dedicated to collecting Letterboxd reviews “with threatening auras”, and it’s up to you to interpret what this actually means.

If you’re expecting detailed breakdowns that will point out the movie’s good and bad sides, this is not a page for you. Letterboxed Auras is all about reviews that have been infused with some humor and you’ll only understand some of them if you’ve already watched the movie.

Most Twitter pages such as this one specialize in collecting bad reviews, but not Letterboxed Auras. Whether a movie has one or five stars is beside the point, as long as it’s funny and pokes fun at one of the most hilarious aspects of the movies being reviewed.

Head to Twitter to discover some more funny movie reviews and submit your own if you’re an avid Letterboxd fan.