Embroidery Art by Nat is Instagram’s No. 1 Source of Embroidery Tips and Tricks

Most embroidery artist on Instagram simply share their creations with the world and call it a day, but one young woman opted for a completely different approach. Embroidery Art By Nat became Instagram’s no. 1 source of stitching tutorials after its founder Natalie decided to share the secrets of her craft with the world.

Natalie was just six years old when her grandma taught her the basics of embroidery and she rediscovered it later in life while looking for a relaxing hobby. She started sharing her creations on Instagram, and so many people expressed interest in embroidery that Natalie decided to share everything she knew with her audience.

“As usual I didn’t follow any patterns and created my own designs by drawing right on the fabric. People started asking for patterns and kits. I didn’t know how to make them and sell so I started an investigation and learned how to do it,” she explains on her official website.

Natalie was still working a full-time job at the beginning of her creative journey, but eventually decided to take a leap of faith and became an embroidery artist full-time. This proved to be the right choice, and she built a huge audience across several social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.