Emilie Hoyrup’s Food Crochet is a Picture-Perfect Delight

Food has proven to be a pretty popular source of inspiration for many crochet artists and some of them managed to find viral fame with their incredible creations. That happens to be the case with Emilie Høyrup of Bomuldskys, who will knock you off your feet with her food-inspired crochet art.

Bomuldskys is a Danish word that literally translates as “cotton kisses”. Høyrup was drawn to this word when starting her brand because she was always attracted to the soft and airy nature of cotton flowers, and wanted her crochet creations to embody those same qualities.

She officially started her brand in 2020, offering an online shop where she’s selling both her crochet creations and sharing inspiration and free patterns for everyone who wants to embark on the same journey.

“I have always had a great interest in every conceivable creative challenge. As I got older, I forgot to set aside time for me to be creative – a joy I realized should have a place in my everyday life. Crochet has become my meditation and a space for reflection,” explains Høyrup on her official website.

She experimented with many different shapes and themes over time, but foods happen to be one of her favorites. She enjoys experimenting with shapes and colors to make each creation more authentic, and you can find many patterns for fruits, veggies, brunch staples, and sweets on her website if you want to try and copy her designs.