Enjoy This Weird Toenail Art By Tahvya

We have seen a lot of talented nail professionals getting creative with hand nails and creating all sorts of nail artwork. California-based nail artist Tahvya does the same, with the exception that she also expands her creativity to toenails.

Tahvya puts a lot of work into making sure that her clients stand out (pun intended) with their toenails. And they probably do whenever they show them in public, but not always for the right reasons. 

For example, Tahvya became viral a while back for her series of toenail interventions that featured eyeballs and needed more than three hours to complete. She painted one eyeball on each of her client’s toenails, and it turned out to be one truly bizarre pedicure, as photos show.

While it appears that Tahvya prefers her toenail art to be on the weird end, she also has some pedicures that are slightly more traditional. This includes toenail artworks that feature complex patterns or are inspired by fruit like watermelons and oranges.

Tahvya, who has a nail studio in South Pasadena, shares her latest toenail art on Instagram, where she already has close to 70,000 followers. Check out more of it by scrolling below.