David Dolan Carves His Niche With Lacquer Paintings

It’s one thing to become an expert in a field that millions of other people engage in on a daily basis—and another to try your hand at something that isn’t so popular. The latter scenario is exactly what David Dolan is doing with his lacquer paintings. By his own admission, as stated numerous times throughout his Instagram account, lacquer paint is a “lost medium” of art, making him somewhat of a lone wolf in the field.

One could argue that by walking down a unique path, it’s a good way to separate himself from everyone else. While this is certainly true, it’s also a very risky—and thus very bold—move. When something is less popular in culture, people may not immediately take to it. People tend to gravitate towards things they know, so Dolan’s venture into lacquer paint for the sake of his artistic vision is extremely brave.

It just so happens to be that Dolan can get away with these brave forays into uncommon art mediums, and the reason is that he’s just so incredibly talented. A mere scroll through his array of posts will show just how skilled and impressive his work is, from the colorful abstract masterpieces he creates to the thematic concepts behind them.

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