Laivi Poder’s Cozy Illustrations Feel Like a Warm Hug

Laivi Põder is a huge fan of all things cozy, and her illustrations perfectly reflect her love for peaceful and dreamy places. She specializes in creating comforting illustrations that look so soothing that you’ll want to step into your screen and live in them.

Põder is currently based in London, but she hails from Estonia, where she spent most of her life. Her childhood in this Baltic country largely influenced her art, and growing up in “a very green little town” made her fall in love with nature at a young age.

Many years later, her work is inspired by that calm feeling that being in nature brings along, and she’s trying to capture it through her illustrations.

“I love creating peaceful and dreamy atmospheres… Nature is my biggest source of inspiration and I try to go and explore woodlands, lakes, botanical gardens, parks, and pretty much any natural places far and nearby as possible,” the artist explains on her official website.

Põder mostly relies on Procreate when working on her illustrations, and she uses a lot of stamp brushes, created from hand-drawn images. In addition to sharing her illustrations with over 100,000 followers online, her work also appeared in several children’s books over the years.