Anastasia Pilepchuk’s Surreal Masks Look Straight Out Of This World

Anastasia Pilepchuk was obsessed with jewels and embellishments for as long as she can remember, and her fascination never left her sight. She’s now using the skills she acquired over the years to make some of the most surreal and out-of-this-world masks that you’ll ever come across.

Pilepchuk fell in love with arts and crafts at a young age thanks to her parents, who used to run a jewelry store. She spent countless hours reading jewelry and art encyclopedias and tried her best to recreate some of the jewels from her parents’ books.

Her fascination with art only grew stronger when she was a teen, and she even attended a jewelry school at 14. It didn’t take her long to realize that masks were her favorite things to make—later in life, she started performing as a DJ and made a new mask for each performance.

Pilepchuk’s creations have to be seen to be believed, and she says that she’s interested in exploring the notions of the sublime through her work, entering into a meditative process akin to a dream-like state.

“The real and the fantasy weave together, hiding behind the masks, threads, and layers. Expression is channeled through those shapes, finding its intention and force both in the normality and in the surreal,” the artist explains on her official website.