Insects Take Center Stage in LolliPop Tattoos’ Quirky Body Art

If you fear insects and struggle to see the beauty in them, LolliPop Morlock is here to change your mind. The mastermind behind LolliPop Tattoos is taking Instagram by storm with her colorful body art, inspired by butterflies, beetles, ladybugs, and other insects.

LolliPop explored many different lanes as an artist before deciding to give tattoo art a shot. She was very involved with Seattle’s underground music scene, and the time she spent performing with several feminist bands largely influenced her path as a tattoo artist.

“I think a lot of it came from making art in bands that I was in before I started tattooing. That’s when I really started to develop my style… Namely ‘Mommy Long Legs’ was the last project I was in that I feel really crosses over to the way I tattoo,” she explained in an interview with the Museum of Pop Culture.

LolliPop was working at a coffee shop in Fremont when she finally decided to give tattoo art a shot. They shared a building with a tattoo studio, so she decided to hand her portfolio in and become an apprentice—and the rest is history!

It’s been over five years since LolliPop’s journey as a tattoo artist started, and she’s using her skills to create joy for her clients. Her psychedelic and playful tattoo art takes many different shapes and forms, but she seems to be especially fond of insects these days.