Erin Fang of The Little Basket is Shading Realistic Light on Full-Time Travel

The life of travel bloggers often seems like a fairy tale, but things aren’t always as amazing as it seems when you scratch beneath the surface. Erin Fang decided to avoid sugarcoating her life and she specializes in sharing “real travel content” on her blog The Little Basket.

Fang describes herself as a Canadian-born Chinese who currently resides in Santa Monica, CA. She grew up in a conservative Asian household, and her family always encouraged her to pursue a “traditional” way of life.

Following her graduation from the University of Southern California, Fang started her career in public accounting, and this was her turning point. While working for 60-70 hours a week, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to life than these—and quickly realized there was.

She initially started her blog The Little Basket as a creative outlet in 2020, but it quickly grew into so much more than that. She used it to capture her travel adventures and improved her photography and editing skills in the years to come to make her content truly pop.

She prides herself in capturing and sharing the “real” side of travel with all its ups and downs, in the hope she’ll help other travelers make the best of their next trip.