Food and Table Setting Illustrations by Maggie Cowles

Maggie Cowles is an LA-based artist who enjoys illustrating scenes from daily life with a focus on food and set tables. Her style looks simple enough to catch anyone’s attention, but its strength is in the meaning behind the art. She wants her art to convey the sense of “comfort, security, the warmth of food, familiar spaces and familiar meals,” as she told It’s Nice That.

Cowles illustrates tables set for multiple people, but the people are not there yet. She wants to point how food can make a room look full even when it’s empty. The tables she paints are an “ode to gathering past, present, and future.”

Born in NYC, Cowles has a background in creative work. She studied textile design before she moved to LA where she put all her focus on her own work instead of working for big companies. She once worked for Converse and Madewell, which sounds exciting, but she’s much happier now when she can devote most of the time to her illustrations.

Scroll down for some of her recent work. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram if you want to see more and follow her there for new work that she posts regularly!