Erika Lee Sears’ Paintings Depict Modern Life

Image via erikaleesears/Instagram

Things that happen in our everyday life is what life is made of. No matter how big certain moments and milestones feel, we’ll often remember those ordinary days spent doing nothing in particular, and that’s exactly what Erika Lee Sears paints. She pays homage to an ordinary, sometimes lonely life we’ve all experienced.

“I am a self taught oil painter and I took the plunge to leave my corporate job in order to paint full time,” Lee Sears writes on her website.

She was born in Portland, Oregon, and specializes in oil paintings. Her two children and two pugs make every day of her life brighter, but most of her inspiration comes from a solitary life and those moments when we’re completely alone.

The artist used to have a clerical job that got boring fast, so she took a risk and invested everything in a career in art. Luckily, it paid out and she now has much more time to paint than she did before. This made her style evolve over time.

What do you think of her work? Can you relate? You can also see her website for more details—there’s an online store, too.