Foodie Makes Jelly Cakes That Don’t Look Real

How many times have you seen a cake and said to yourself: “It would be such a shame to eat that.” Well, cake maker Siew Heng Boon makes cakes you would feel sorry to eat. Also known as Jelly Alchemy on Instagram, Boon’s business was struggling during the lockdown, and that’s when she decided to learn something new. Besides beautiful flower arrangements, she knows how to create various animals and characters.

She first begins by carving her jelly canvas. Then, if the character or animal has something feathery, she uses a single needle injected and syringed many times. The eyes can sometimes take up to 45 minutes. According to her, she sometimes needs nine hours to finish decorating a cake.

“As I started to produce more of these artworks, opportunities started knocking on my door. I was eventually involved in teaching online courses, which gives me the chance to spread this art form (something which never crossed my mind prior to the pandemic),” she shared in a statement for Bored Panda.

Later, she launched her YouTube channel named after her business and began sharing videos of things related to jelly art.

Scroll down and see the beautiful cakes in the gallery below.