This Woman Recreates Celebs’ Outfits With Food

Ruby Perman is a well-known name in the TikTok and Instagram communities. She is a graphic designer who creates edible outfits and puts them on paper dolls. Inspired by the red carpet gowns, the artist uses salami, marshmallows, fruits, vegetables, and chips to recreate the miniature attires.

She currently has over 1.7 million followers on TikTok where she religiously posts videos of her delicious creations. James Charles, Freddie Mercury, Cardi B, and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the celebs that got dressed in knife-carved outfits and featured on Perman’s plate.

She usually needs a maximum of two hours to make the outfits and film the process and hopes that others will follow her footsteps and make something original. “I hope I inspire creativity to come out for people and whatever their passion is,” she said in a statement for Insider. “This all came about as a hobby, and now it’s turned into something that I really enjoy, and I’m so happy that people resonate with it.”

To see some of her work, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow her on social media for more amazing videos.


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