This Adorable Kitty Looks Just Like Puss in Boots

Remember Puss in Boots? He’s one of the most beloved animated characters out there thanks to his courage, wittiness, and of course, his adorable big eyes that hypnotize anyone who looks into them. As a matter of fact, Puss in Boots, who first appeared in the DreamWorks hit animated comedy Shrek 2, was so popular that he even got his own animated movie.

But as it turns out, Puss in Boots isn’t just some animated character. He is a living and breathing kitty named Pisco, who lives in New York and is a huge social media star. Frankly, we wouldn’t expect anything less from an attention seeker like Puss in Boots.

Pisco looks incredibly similar to Puss in Boots, rocking the same ginger fur and the same big kitty eyes that made his animated doppelgänger so famous. But unlike Puss in Boots, who is rebellious and lives for adventure, Pisco is a quiet calm cat who enjoys sleeping, eating, and cuddling.

According to his owner, there was some of Puss in Boots’ rebellion in Pisco early on but he has since learned to embrace cuddles and enjoy them as often as possible.

“When we first got Pisco he wasn’t the cuddle bear he is right now,” his owner revealed. “He was very skittish and wouldn’t want us to hold him or touch him at all… And now he’s a super teddy bear and loves to cuddle.”

In between the cuddles, Pisco is happy to pose for pics and charm his Instagram followers with his big eyes. Check out more of them below.