French Artist Creates Playful and Colorful Illustrations You Must See

Inspired by astronomy and nature, artist Laura Lhuillier from France creates whimsical illustrations. In her artwork, she uses a soft color palette, a lot of textures, and happy characters. Her love for nature began in her earliest years while living in a small village surrounded by forest and meadows. She says in an interview for Ballpitmag that art is one of the most important things in her life.

“I always like to create, draw, shape things. It calms me down and brings me to another world! It makes me more curious about all the details around me,” and adds that her style is playful, childish and fun, “I like using simple lines and working with colors and textures! My heart always balances between pastel shades and vibrant tones.”

The talented Lhuillier has been working with clients, including Flow Magazine, Open Mind Magazine, Mind Body Green, Cluse, Dans Ma Culotte and the city of Luxembourg. She also has a little shop where she sells posters and stationery products.

If you are curious to see her illustrations, check out the gallery below, or have a look at her Instagram profile.