Artist Continues to Make Adorable Comics About a Tiny Cat and a Military Dog

Pet Foolery is an Instagram page created by Ben Hed, the artist who draws comics “about pets…and other animals…and sometimes dinosaurs.” He is also the creator of Pixie and Brutus, a tiny, joyful, energetic kitten and scarred German Shepherd who has seen things. According to the artist, the idea to draw comics about Pixie and Brutus came to him randomly.

“Honestly, Pixie and Brutus were just another random comic idea I had while at work. I was never planning on making them a series; I just thought it would be a funny idea to introduce a cute little kitten to a big intimidating war dog. So I made the first Pixie and Brutus cute animal comic and people liked it so much, I just kept making them,” Hed told in an interview for Bored Panda.

The artist himself owns three dogs and two cats, so he never runs out of ideas. He also said that he needs around five to six hours, on average, to finish one comic and that he dreams about adapting Pixie and Brutus into a TV show. Let’s hope his dreams come true. Until then, you can join his army of Instagram followers.