Prepare to Fall In Love with a Pair of Earrings

Sophie Filomena is a creative soul, with her creations ranging from fashion to illustration and anything in between. Creating what she calls “handmade statement art,” her designs include “statement art, for your ears and eyes.” Those can be found in her Etsy store for reasonable prices.

Whether it’s her illustrations or her jewelry line, colors, and shapes are key ingredients. “Usually, the color palette is the first thing I focus on and I continue from there,” explained Filomena in an interview with Shift Magazine. “Occasionally, I find making a few sketches helps record the idea down if it’s particularly intricate. But overall, I just make it up as I go along. I think the immediate rawness shows through sometimes.”

Much like her creative process, her career choices were very much based on intuition and chance. “I’ve always been an illustrator and have been working towards making a living from that, ever since I can remember,” she shared. “The jewelry was a spur of the moment project I decided to have a go at in the summer of 2017. A couple of people saw my designs on social media and asked to buy them, since then it steadily became a small business!”

With her work being both playful and nostalgic, her brand is clearly inspired by the ’80s aesthetic, as well as the Memphis Milano cultural phenomenon of Italian design. Here are some of our favorite pieces by her.