From Illustrating to Embroidery: Meet Katie Menzies

Illustrator and craftswoman Katie Menzies (aka Séc La Katie) had discovered a love for embroidery by chance, having graduated with a Master’s in Illustration. The two mediums don’t necessarily cancel out each other. In fact, Menzies’ flair for illustration forms the basis of her embroidery work.

Born in England, her work is also very much inspired by her move to Barcelona, where she currently works in her creative studio, specializing in character design. “My work has developed hugely over the last few years,” she told Inky Goodness, “informed by some big life decisions like moving abroad and pursuing a very particular artistic path. I’ve been really lucky to be surrounded by a positive, creative environment and have been greatly inspired by the people and places around me.”

Inspired by what she calls “the grit of the city contrasted with the idyllic coastline”, her work is often bright, textured, and uplifting with references to pop culture (anything from Harry Potter books to Wes Anderson’s films). “I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone to explore different styles,” says Menzies.

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