It’s All in the Detail: Check Out Illustrator Nathan Motzko

Here at Every Day Monkey we love supporting up-and-coming illustrators. Our recent find is designer and illustrator, Nathan Motzko. Motzko’s illustrations are busy with detail, texture, and movement, making it hard to look away. But while his aesthetic leans towards maximalism, his choice of color is very minimal, with each piece relying on two to three colors. The result is print-like illustrations—and ideal poster candidates to hang above your work station.

“Pen and ink are my default tools and materials!” said Motzko in a piece published Inky Goodness. “I also use protractor tools and rulers to get clean lines, and stuff like that. I love After Effects, but I want to invest in C4D and start making weirder 3D shapes…Haha! Otherwise, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are awesome.”

“I’ve found a great way of playing with such layering is just diving straight in,” he added, going into detail about the creative process itself, “using more digital programs like After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. I realised how much fun it is to just make nonsense!” According to Motzko this digital process of layering is “a wormhole of endless possibilities, that switches up my flow, challenging my rhythm.”

With less than four thousand followers on Instagram, this is one talented illustrator that definitely deserves more hype. Scroll down to see more of his work.