Gen Z Daughter Goes Viral for Failing Mom’s ’90s Test

’90s nostalgia is still quite powerful with older generations, but Generation Z is understandably oblivious to the era and doesn’t get what all the fuss is about. They also seem like they don’t even bother to learn anything about it.

In a recent viral video on TikTok, Brittany Xavier decided to put her Gen Z daughter Jadyn to a ’90s test. This included all sorts of questions about the technology and pop culture of the period, and it is safe to say that Jadyn was clueless about it all.

For example, Jadyn was unfamiliar with the concept of burning CDs and didn’t know what bootleg music was.

“What is bootleg music? Like country?” she asked her mom with a confused look on her face.

The video ended up getting a lot of attention on social media, being viewed almost six million times and getting thousands of comments.


asking my gen z daughter questions about the 90s 😆 #genz #millennial #momanddaughter

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Jayden’s lack of knowledge about the 90s made some TikTok users baffled, while others just felt old because of it.  

“I’ve never felt more old in my life,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“Im only 28 and this made me feel like an ancient tombstone,” another added.