Genesis Belanger’s Surreal Sculptures Are Inspired by Everyday Moments

Artist Genesis Belanger carves surreal objects inspired by everyday reality in stone, porcelain, and concrete. Belanger lives and works in Brooklyn. In her studio, hands become unusually flexible, shoes get teeth, and cigarettes turn into fingers. This talented artist has nearly 20k followers on her Instagram page and a number of shows and exhibitions in her C.V.

“Many of her pieces feature slightly overscale fingers grasping a variety of things that reference oral consumption: bananas, a stick of gum, and a blue Oreo-like cookie with a copious amount of cream filling,” writes Artforum

Through her art, Belanger draws the issues of consumerism, mass production, and how living in a world filled with physical objects impacts us. Her work often has a sexual connotation as she plays with theories that different objects can be used to represent male genitals and that they have been used in that context in the past, in both art and advertising.

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