Gergely Dudas Creates Fun Seek & Find Challenges for His Social Media Followers

Remember those “Where’s Waldo” and other fun seek & find picture books you had as a kid? Well, thanks to artist Gergely Dudas, you can enjoy them now on your mobile phone.

Dudas is an artist and illustrator who makes all sorts of cool seek & find pictures that he frequently shares with his social media followers. The challenges range from finding a cat in rows of owls to locating seals in the sea of walruses.

Dudas always manages to find fresh inspiration for his seek & find pictures ensuring every challenge you complete is rewarding. Also, the versatile cartoonish style of his works ensures that you can never get bored looking at them.

Another great thing about Dudas’ works is that they look simple at first but are actually quite tricky. The artist usually packs every picture with lots of details to mislead the viewer.

Now, while most people won’t give up until they complete seek & find, Dudas does share the solutions on his official website. He also uploads pictures with higher resolution there, making the challenge easier than it would be on Instagram or Facebook.

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