Cookie and Kate is Taking Instagram By Storm With Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

With over 400,000 Instagram followers and counting, Cookie and Kate is one of the food blogs you should definitely keep an eye on. It was founded by Kathryne Taylor, who became a true internet sensation thanks to her delicious vegetarian recipes.

Taylor is a self-taught cook from Oklahoma, who currently resides in Kansas City. She’s a huge believer that cooking is fun and enjoyable and she’s trying to present it in that light through her recipes, covering everything from breakfast staples and desserts to soups and salads.

Taylor prides herself on celebrating whole foods through her recipes. Since she avoids cooking meat, recipes on her blog are mainly vegetarian and she tries to keep them as flexible as possible.

Minimizing the amount of animal-based ingredients in her dishes makes sense given the inspiration behind the name of this blog. Contrary to popular belief, Cookie and Kate wasn’t named after Taylor’s favorite dessert, but after her adorable puppy instead.

“I started this blog in 2010 and named it after my canine sidekick, Cookie… She came with her name and nothing more. Whether she was named for being one smart cookie, or for looking like cookies and cream, the name suits her well,” she explains on her blog.