Giovanni Esposito is Creating Beautiful Illustrations Inspired by Beloved Indie Movies

Giovanni Esposito made quite a splash with his illustrations on Instagram, exploring many themes through his beautiful and intricate art. We’ve recently seen him shift focus to a completely new type of illustration—posters inspired by beloved indie films.

Esposito goes under the name Quasirosso on social media, and he’s an illustrator and comic artist based in Milano, Italy. He made a name for himself with his reflective illustrations, which perfectly capture the modern world while managing to stay incredibly surreal.

At the beginning of his artistic journey, Esposito used certain artists as his reference point, but he eventually developed his own style and found inspiration in the most unusual of places.

“Over time I learned to look at everything with impartial eyes… During my days I observe and look at a lot, both images, photos, other people’s works, videos, memes, but also that thing called the outside world, which still manages to provide some interesting ideas,” the artist told Picame Magazine.

Some of his most recent works are inspired by acclaimed indie movies, such as Damien Chezelle’s La La Land, Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Spike Jonez’s Her. He’s still in the early stages of illustrating movie posters, and we can’t wait to see what movies he’ll be inspired by next.