Gorgeous Ceramic Dishes With Botanical Prints

Plates and cups are a part of our daily life and we don’t think about them too often—we just grab them and use them. For Hessa Al Ajmani, though, they are so much more. This talented artist uses clay as a tool for expressing “her passion for exploration and observation,” as her website reads.

Born in Abu Dhabi, the artist currently lives in Ajman. She finds inspiration in the natural world and the way people can observe things that aren’t that obvious, but often represent human interactions. “Her current work with ceramics translates her passion for exploration and observation by imprinting native plants and wildflowers onto functional ceramic-ware as a form of research to understand more about the native flora that is present in the UAE,” her website states.

Al Ajmani has a degree in Visual Arts and Applied Psychology. She teaches ceramic classes at Clay Corner Studio and has had her work exhibited on numerous occasions. Scroll down to see some of her works and find more on Instagram. If you want to buy one of her beautiful pieces, head to her online shop. Nearly 160k people follow her work on Instagram and her posts are a beautiful addition to anyone’s feed.