Guy Doesn’t Know to Draw, But His Comics are Hilarious

Korea-based teacher Tim Raymond loves making comics, however, there is one problem, he doesn’t know to draw. In his work, he uses his mental health issues as an inspiration.

“I’ve been making and posting comics about my mental health struggles for a few years now, but they have always been three-panel, text-post strips without visuals,” the teacher told Bored Panda. “I’ve just never been able to draw. A few months ago, however, I started drawing anyway, just pen on paper, and have since made daily comics about everything from indecisiveness to issues with body-image.”

Perfectionism, insomnia, paranoia are just some of the topics he incorporates into his comics. Although, he isn’t a very talented artist, he has attracted almost 37 thousand admirers on his Instagram page who adore his work.

“I post a lot on Instagram and people have really responded,” he continued. “It’s been so nice. I’m filled with gratitude. I hope I can keep making things that resonate with people and that help them feel less alone.”

Keep on scrolling if you are interested in his work. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for the rest of the comic.

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