Crafter Makes Steampunk Inspired Jewelry and It’s Spooky

Rebecca Epp better known as Bex is the owner, designer, and creator of a small business called The Steampunk Buddha. According to her personal website, she creates “unusual steampunk and gothic style wearable art with a touch of whimsy.”

Bex and her husband Erick are working on various projects. They make jewelry and accessories such as pendants, earrings, purse hook, and cufflinks, and are in the process of creating steampunk lamps and googles.

“We will soon have steampunk themed Home Decor, Steampunk Teddy Bears, Steampunk Hats and Fascinators and Cosplay gear,” they added.

The crafter has been making jewelry for 5 years now, since 2014, and she says that she puts a little part of her soul in each piece she makes.

“Every piece of jewelry has its own backstory,” she added. “Some people see the story right away others love hearing the story or discovering it for themselves. I never make the same thing twice so each individual item is your own piece of wearable artwork.”

If you are interested to see their artwork, have a look on their Instagram page or visit their website and Etsy shop.