Happy Fishhead Tattoos Are Wonderfully Weird

Some people like to keep their tattoos as simple as possible so they wouldn’t regret them, while others enjoy going crazy because you only live once. Happy Fishead’s clients are certainly a part of the second group since her tattoos happen to be as quirky and colorful as it gets.

Happy Fishead is the brainchild of the tattoo artist Kat, who describes herself as “Part fish. Part human. All happy.” Her tattoos are now a huge hit on Instagram, with 100,000 followers and counting, but how did she decide to give this art form a shot?

Kat enjoyed drawing from a young age, and tattooing eventually started as a fun hobby. She was only planning to do it for friends and family, but she fell in love with this art form and the connection she formed with the people she was tattooing.

Kat’s inspiration comes from all sorts of different places, from happy thoughts to lucid dreams, and that’s part of the reason why her tattoos are so wonderfully weird.

“I love tattooing delicious foods, anthropomorphic animals, psychedelic content, and any aquatic nonsense. Colorful tattoos make me excited. If you’re willing to get a goofy permanent tattoo on your temporary meat-suit, you’re playing the game of life fantastically,” the tattoo artist told Winkt.