Hannah Lemon’s Miniature Plants Look Just As Good As the Real Thing

Miniature art deserves all the attention coming its way, and Hannah Lemon is one of the artists putting it on the map. This talented miniaturist enjoys making tiny replicas of beautiful plants, and you’ll have to look twice to realize they’re not real.

Lemon spent her childhood in Japan, and she was always drawn to nature’s endless beauty. She’s been very artistic from a young age, and she decided to explore her creative side by studying photography and later taking on various roles in this industry.

She expanded her interests in recent years, after discovering the magical world of miniature art and the endless possibilities it brings along.

“Since the pandemic began, I have loved revisiting my childhood passion for art, creating a miniature world using air-dry clay, wood, paper, and anything I can get my hands on. My creations focus on realistic miniature house plants, vintage furniture, and appliances to fit into my fantasy home,” the artist explains on her official website.

We’ve seen Lemon make everything from tiny furniture to full-on houses, but realistic plants happen to be her specialty. She’s using her talent to create small-scale replicas of house plants and keep them forever green through the magic of miniature art.