Victoria Alessandri is Paying Homage to Our Favorite TV Shows Through Her Illustrations

Victoria Alessandri is a talented concept artist you should keep an eye on, and the subjects in her work look quite familiar. She often uses her illustrations to pay homage to some of her favorite TV shows, drawing characters from The Last of Us to Wednesday.  

Alessandri is based in Burgundy, France, and she’s been honing her skills as an illustrator for over a decade. She has a formal education in the field—she graduated from the LISAA School of Art & Design in 2014 as a director and designer of digital content.

Following graduation, she started working as a concept artist/illustrator and decided to share her work online to find a bigger audience.

“I had to work on very different productions and in very different positions, which allowed me to acquire new skills. I constantly seek to improve myself and adapt very easily to my environment and to the productions on which I have to work,” she explains on her ArtStation page.

Alessandri enjoys exploring different subjects through her work, but she seems to have a soft spot for popular culture. Her illustrations often highlight her favorite TV shows, from Netflix’s Wednesday and Umbrella Academy to HBO’s The Last of Us and Euphoria.