Wild & Free Jewelry is Putting Whimsical Fashion Items on the Map

Fashion has the power to transform you into anyone you want to be, and one young woman decided to use it to her advantage. Corina of Wild & Free Jewelry is creating some of the most whimsical fashion items, from butterfly crowns to dazzling denim jackets.

Corina’s journey as a fashion designer started in 2011 when she opened her Etsy shop. This business now consumes all of her time, but it initially started as a hobby, and she still worked a full-time job and attended college during the brand’s early days.

Her brand is guided by the idea that we’re never too old to play dress-up and embrace the magic within. She mostly specializes in designing whimsical items that look straight out of a fairy tale, such as butterfly crowns and clips, mermaid crowns, and embellished denim jackets.

Corina is hoping her designs will allow people to welcome more creativity and wonder into their life, the same way she did.

“Throughout the years my creations have evolved from feather necklaces and flower crowns to mermaid crowns and jackets. While my designs have transformed during these different eras, the continuous dream has always been to create pieces that ignite a sense of wonder and imagination,” the artist explains on her official website.