Marianne Seiman is Celebrating Nature Through the Power of Crochet

Most crochet artists use their skills to stitch together sweaters, cardigans, and vests, but Marianne Seiman decided to take things in a completely different direction. The founder of the brand Heegeldab specializes in crocheting amazing works of art inspired by nature.

Seiman isn’t one of the crochet artists who hopped on this trend after it experienced a huge boom in recent years. She’s actually been crocheting for the past 20 years, selling her crochet art both internationally and in her home country of Estonia.

Seiman says she lives in the middle of the woods, right next to the beach and her surroundings served as inspiration for her work over the years. Nature is her main source of inspiration, and her work often takes shape of flowers and marine life, since she also happens to be a swimming coach.

Even though she’s been crocheting for over two decades, Seiman’s body of work is constantly evolving, and she’s looking forward to learning new things and exploring the endless possibilities of this art form.

“I love that crochet can be so versatile. With some experience, one can actually crochet any shape in the world. And that is exactly what makes it so exciting for me – there is still so much to discover, so many paths to take!” she explains on her official website.