Debra Bernier Makes Astonishing Sculptures Using Driftwood

Canadian artist Debra Bernier likes to say she works with nature to create her artworks. She collects driftwood and other natural materials like shells, mushrooms, and clay and then shapes them into astonishing sculptures.

Most of Bernier’s works are smaller sculptures that show detailed depictions of women, animals, and fantasy creatures. Each sculpture comes with remains of its previous form that adds a surreal feel to them.

According to Bernier, every piece of driftwood that she starts working on is already a sculpture shaped by water, wind, and other elements. She believes she is just continuing the process that nature has already started and trying to get its vision to the finish line.

“Each piece of driftwood holds a story,” the artist explains. “When I use wood, I imagine this history, creating with the contours. These fascinating shapes have been sculpted by nature & time. My art is a personal expression of the gentle beauty I see in nature.”

Bernier, who works out of her studio in British Columbia, has an Etsy shop where she offers her creations for purchase. The artist also frequently updates her social media pages with the newest pieces. You can check out more of them by scrolling below.