Hilarious Video Shows Two Teenagers Trying to Figure Out How Rotary Phones Works

Once a mainstay in every household, rotary phones have been made obsolete for decades now, and you are able to see one only in antique stores nowadays. This is why it isn’t surprising that newer generations are not quite familiar with the way they work.

Back in 2018, Facebook user Kevin Bumstead decided to challenge his son Jake and nephew Kyle, both 17 years old at the time, to dial a phone number on a rotary phone and record the entire thing on camera. The original video recently resurfaced on social media again, and it is making millions of people around the world laugh thanks to its hilarious nature.

The clip shows Bumstead giving the teenagers a rotary phone and telling them to dial a phone number in four minutes. After admiring the old piece of technology for a bit and wondering about the holes in the dial pad, the pair makes various attempts but fails to make much progress at first.

At one point, Bumstead decides to give teens a few tips to get them on the right track. Jake and Kyle end up successfully figuring out how to work the rotary phone but can’t quite make it in time to dial the full phone number before the time runs out on them.

Check out this entertaining video below.