Hungarian Cake Designer Makes Hyper-Realistic Cakes

Adrienn Sabjan is an economist and cake designer who loves creating unique, surprising cakes that make birthdays unforgettable. The Hungarian-based foodie is best-known for her realistic-looking cakes. She has also published a cookbook, as well.

“I am the author of the first Hungarian cake design book which is mainly focusing on sculpted cakes and contains cakes for holidays, for children, for adults, and also 7 food cake designs,” the cake designer shared on Bored Panda.

If you scroll through her Instagram page, you will see hyper-realistic cakes which you might mix with delicious food, flower pots, toys and so on. In one of her creations, the cake artist made a houseleek flower pot cake.

“I created this cake when I was working on my book about design cakes,” she explained. “I spent many days just to find the perfect cake designs for holidays, for children and adults. When I cut the cake for the photo shooting I was very thankful when I realized filling it with truffle cream was one of the best ideas I had during these really hard months.”

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