Blogger Used Photoshop to Show the Truth Behind Influencers

Intrigued by the beauty standards of the 21st century and the ‘Influencers’ era, blogger and fitness instructor Cassey Ho decided she would decode it. She started research in which she had been analyzing the top 100 most followed female Instagrammers for two weeks. She found out that there are a total of 22 attributes for each woman to be judged on.

“After a couple of weeks of gathering data and categorizing data, I can tell you that there is most definitely a formula and a very specific beauty standard that the Top 100 most followed women on Instagram adhere to,” the blogger shared her results in a YouTube video.

Dark eyes, full lips, small nose, long, dark hair, long neck are just some of the attributes an influencer has to own. To make the research fun, Ho transformed herself into an ideal woman of the 21st century, well, with the help of a new wardrobe and Photoshop.

To see her results, check out the video below.