These Video Game Characters Are Playing Their Own Game

    Linda Bouderbala loves everything that is associated with geek and pop culture. She is best known for her drawings of superheroes, cartoon, and video game characters. The 31-year-old illustrator and character designer, based in France, created a hilarious series of drawings where video game figures are playing their own games.

    “I grew up with Zelda and all kinds of games, and I think they are an endless source of inspiration,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda. “So, I thought it could be funny to see our favorites video games heroes playing their own game! It was fun to imagine them playing with friends, alone in the dark, slumped on the couch or even in their bed.”

    To see more of her creations, hop onto her Instagram page called linda_bouderbala and learn why people love her art. On her social media account, she has attracted a following of more than 34 thousand and counting. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images!