Illustrator Transforms Starbucks’s Mermaid Into Famous Characters

Image via fseo on Instagram

Starbucks coffee is definitely the most loved beverage among coffee lovers, and its iconic mermaid logo is one of the best-known mermaids in the world, beside Ariel, of course. But one young illustrator from South Korea came up with a perfect idea; he began transforming the siren into interesting characters.

Soo Min Kim, an artist from Seoul, a few years back, began collecting Starbucks paper cups so he could turn his creative idea into reality. The mermaid is placed into everyday situations and was made into famous characters such as Freddie Mercury, Satsuki from the Japanese Anime movie called “My Neighbor Totoro”, Thanos from the “Avengers” and much more. He uses both markers and paint to make his remarkable work, however, the green and white theme remains the same.

His audience of almost 31,000 followers on Instagram are amazed with his talent.

Check out this paper cup artist’s work below.