Illustrator Turns Famous Pop Culture Characters Into Paintings

It’s not unusual for various artists to have their own take on pop culture characters, with creative freedom and whatnot. But, it’s very seldom that we see artists whose versions of cartoon characters end up looking better than the originals.

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Isabelle Staub’s work is a good example of such an artist.

The Pennsylvania-based illustrator uses some of the world’s most iconic cartoon characters as her subjects and turns them into more contemporary, painted versions of themselves. You’ll see the likes of Buttercup from The Powerful Girls and Kim Possible from Kim Possible, among others, drawn in their full millennial glory.

Realistic and just plain amazing, Isabelle Staub’s works will definitely leave you wanting for more.

We definitely won’t be surprised if we see Isabelle getting her own animated show sometime sooner rather than later. Her illustrations are just that good.

For more samples of Isabelle’s works, be sure to scroll down below.

Be warned, prepare for your jaw to drop.

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