Artist Creates Horrific 3D Renders of Popular Animated Characters

Realistic fan arts are often horrific enough as they are. What you once thought were adorable and cute animated characters turn out to look weird, disproportionate, and sometimes, downright scary if they were created to be more realistic.

What this artist is doing is some next-level horror though.

Wil Hughes is a talented digital artist who specializes in 3D models. He specifically is able to create life-like 3D models out of pretty much anything. As a way to showcase his talent, he decided to create 3D renders of popular animated characters? But, he decided to add a twist, he chose to make them look more horrific and creepy.

From funny and cartoony, Wil Hughes has turned familiar pop culture animated characters into nightmare fuel.

If you’d like to see Will Hughes work, be sure to scroll down below. But, be warned, we’re obliged to tell you that you’re going to need some eye bleach after this.