Artist Creates Watercolorized Versions of Internet Cat Pics

Cats and the internet.

For as long as the internet has existed, cats have become the internet’s go-to animal. We don’t really know why that is so. Perhaps people are just naturally inclined to worship cats and hold them in high regard, as the ancient Egyptians did.

It also certainly doesn’t hurt that cats often find themselves in the weirdest positions and places ever.

The sort of things that most cats find themselves getting caught up in will make you wonder for days how exactly something happened.

Amelia Rizky, otherwise known by his online handle Watercatlor, decided to pay homage to cats by taking the funniest and most popular cat photos and memes found online and turning them into watercolored versions of themselves, and the results are as fantastic as you might imagine.

To see more of Amelia’s watercolored and meme-ful works, be sure to scroll down below.