“Star Wars” Get Anime Treatment in Fan-made Trailer

Don’t tell Star Trek fans, but Star Wars is easily the biggest and arguably best science-fiction franchise out there. With nearly a dozen full-length feature films already, as well as countless other supporting media, and an ever-expanding universe, it’s no secret that the Star Wars hype train is in full force today.

Just in case it wasn’t going fast enough though, one fan decided to hype up Star Wars even more.

Using clips from one of the few cult-hit Star Wars media, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures, a fan decided to create a trailer that would definitely meet even the biggest anime fan’s standards.

As you might expect from anything anime, it has its own epic track, all thanks to “Shinzo wo Sasageyo,” the same track used by Attack on Titan and was performed by the band, Linked Horizon.

It should go without saying, but just in case you needed to be warned, the fan-made video has plenty of spoilers.

As for Star Wars fans who are clamouring for an anime treatment of Star Wars, this should be enough to satisfy your interests for now. Although Star Wars has yet to be turned into an anime, and there are no signs pointing to that happening just yet, we’ll never know for sure what the future holds.

After all, we all thought that the Star Wars movies were all over after the first two trilogies, and we all know how that turned out.

In any case, here’s to hoping that the video, which we will link below, is enough to get Disney to think of creating a Star Wars anime.