Artist Nails Playing Famous Rock Songs on a Miniature Drum Set

Sometimes, when you’re talented, it doesn’t matter what kind of instrument that you’re playing — you’re going to get good at it.

Or, in this guy’s case, it doesn’t matter how big or how small the instrument you are using is. Regardless of size, you’re bound to be able to play it as well as if it were normal. But, then again, that doesn’t make what this guy is doing any less amazing.

This musician clearly has a knack for playing musical instruments, mainly because he can literally play any-sized drum well.

A huge fan of the rock songs of the past few decades, this musician frequently takes videos of himself playing on the smallest fully-functioning set of drums that you’ve seen, and mind you, he’s not just playing them — he’s playing them quite well.

This is definitely something that you have got to see with your own eyes.

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