Artist Uses Oil Paintings to Show How Bad Eyesight Changes Your World

People don’t realize just how awful bad vision can be until it happens to them. If it doesn’t, they think that people can see nearly as clearly as they can. But, that’s not the truth. People with eye conditions require corrective lenses to function normally. Otherwise, they won’t be able to do things, such as read and write, let alone drive, properly.

To help shed some more light on the plight of people with eyesight problems, one South African artist decided to create oil paintings inspired by how they see the world.

Using Myopia, a vision problem that blurs the patient’s vision, especially when looking at distant objects, as his inspiration, Philip Barlow paints a series of oil paintings showing how blurry the world really is from the perspective of people who have less-than-ideal eyesight.

It’s a rare but eye-opening (pun intended) glimpse and should help make more of us sympathetic of the plight that these people face every day.

If you want to go have a look at the paintings yourself, be sure to scroll down below.