“Girleatworld” is the Foodie Instagram to Follow

They say the best way to explore a new culture is to taste it. Meaning, you haven’t actually visited a place unless you’ve eaten the local food and tried the local drinks.  

Young Instagramer and influencer Melissa Hie decided to do just that. She is still traveling around the world, eating as much local food as she can and she is keeping us all updated on her Instagram profile girleatworld.  

Her account is growing more and more every day and she keeps posting pictures that make us all crave the very thing she holds in her hands.  

It’s not just the amazing food, but it’s also the aesthetic, position, and sharpness of her photos that make her profile different from the many other food blogs.  

Whether it’s a gyro in Greece, a churro in Spain, or coconut ice cream in Vietnam, her pictures have a history and context behind them.  

Be careful though, she has a sweet tooth and scrolling too long on her page might be bad for your diet!